Monday, June 22, 2015

Exciting Things

I missed last week's two posts due to life suddenly slapping me in the face; I graduated from both High School and College, and my parents are gone for two weeks as of this morning (leaving me temporary mother of the house). Life is starting to calm down and settle into the summer's groove.

I plan on returning to my blogging duties tomorrow, with a post on tasty white bread (biscuits!), and on Thursday, I think I'll blog about my experiences with Mary Sues.

As a side note, I've stumbled into a sort of Flash Fiction haze. Check out my Writing page up at the top there for a list of flash fiction competitions that run like all the time. Seriously. It's great. I'm going to enter all the things.

I'm eating through Flash Dogs' Light and Dark Solstice anthologies (and you should too). Flash fiction is exciting! Even MORE exciting, I became a member of the Flash Dogs today! Excuse a squee. (I cannot convey the level of excitement this brings. My first publication may appear in the next anthology.)

As another note, I've managed to drag Sie into a flash fiction competition endeavor (I should also drag Rin into it). We're not sure when it will run from and to, but we're going to make a blog for it very shortly. It's going to happen. It's very exciting. It's going to be called the Cracked Flash Fiction Competition (CFFC!).

Be excited. 

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