(My Own) Writing Advice: 

When Revising and Rewriting

Other Useful Links:

Awesome Magic Systems: Sanderson's Laws of Magic: One, Two, and Three
This Looks Sort of Legit On What a Medieval Prince Might Do 

Flash Fiction Links (Updated 6/22/2015)

Finish That Thought (Tuesday to Wednesday)
Mid-Week Blues-Buster (Tuesday to Thursday)
Micro Bookends (Thursday)
Three Line Thursday (Thursday)
Luminous Creatures (Thursday to Saturday)
Flash! Friday (Friday)
Friday Frights (Friday)
Flash Mob Writes (Friday to Saturday)
Christian Flash Weekly (Friday to Monday)
Flash Frenzy (Saturday to Monday)
Five Sentence Fiction (Sunday to Wednesday)

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Authors
Ad Hoc Fiction

The Cult of Me
MASH Competition
101 Words
99 Fiction

SFF World (Forum)
Fantasy Faction (Forum)

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